Happy Memorial Day

So many thoughts and so many memories. I remember growing up thinking about family trips to the cemetery to pay respect and decorate the gravesites of family members that have passed: grandmothers, parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunts. As important as the war veterans are, I think it’s important that the collective community also recognize on this day all the people that we love, who made us who we are.

So many tornados, earthquakes, assassinations, and other events have brought the demise of so many people we love. It’s also illuminated so many heroes, helpers, caretakers, and others who take the pain away and make it easier to go on. We have to think about those people in times like this, extend our gratitude, and give them love.

Specifically, you’ve heard me speak about and acknowledge so many important people in our lives, people that have made a difference in my life and made it possible for me to go on: my parents, my brother, and my other family members and friends. I thank you and I love you!

It’s going to be a challenge not to have Ms. Oprah anymore on a daily basis. Gil Scott Heron passed,away, another voice in transition.

Graduation’s here again, so much accomplishment and so much promise and possibility. Remember that and encourage that.

I leave you now with a small request. I’m lying in a hospital bed in Santa Monica, dealing with some maladies from wear and tear on my body. Say a prayer of healing, keep a positive tbought, and remember that I love you and believe in you.

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