Still Strong and Faithful

I just got out of the hospital. I was there for 5 days, fighting a problem with my lungs. I’ve been on antibiotics for about 10 days. I love all of you. Thank you for your prayers and your positive thoughts.

So many things are happening in our country. My President is doing some things that remind me a lot more of the person that I thought he was going to try to be. I’m not sure if that’s because things have gotten so bad or if he resigned himself to the possibility of just being a one-term president. I’m glad that he came up with a jobs bill. I’m also glad that he supported the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” though I’m not sure what effect that is going to have on gays when they come out in the military.

As controversial as it is, I think it’s important that all people pay similar taxes. It’s not fair that the rich don’t contribute to the tax base. Everybody is clamoring to reduce the debt. Paying less to Iraq and Afghanistan and increasing the tax share of the wealthy is a way to do something. There aren’t many options with the economy being so bad. I want Barack to continue to be courageous and try to make the country the equitable nation that it’s supposed to be. It would be better for him to have that kind of legacy. If we don’t have a strong government, that’s able to balance things between the rich and the poor and take in money to pay for programs and policy that give us all a chance to make it, we’re not the United States of America anymore.

I hope that everyone is able to get to see some of the rescheduled dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr. monument in Oct. I love MLK and I love you all. Thanks for staying in touch.

Labor Day Weekend – The End of Summer

It’s been such a wonderful summer for me. Thank you to all of you that have stayed in touch with me, through e-mails, Facebook, and my website. I’m so blessed to have so many caring, concerned, and comforting people in my life. This latter part of the summer has been especially eventful and exciting. As you know, I’ve been to Oakland to be with my brother and his family and my friends up north. I’ve enjoyed a number of musical concerts at the Hollywood Bowl and of course, I saw my girl Sade at the Staples Center. I’m so blessed to have shared these events with my trusted nurses Natalie and Alma, my buddy Baron and his girl Cindy, and a number of other jazz friends. The Buena Vista Social Club from Cuba was particularly good; Robert Cray played some blues that was really great; Gladys Knight is still a favorite; and George Benson is still my first and number one jazz entertainer. I missed my friends Marcus Miller and George Duke. I’m sure they were terrific also. I’m trying to go to the Bowl one last time for the Quincy Jones extravaganza on Wed.

I’ve been able to send a number of my friends to see Sade during her tour. That’s been a pleasure and a blessing. Most of them have really enjoyed the shows, like I did. Sade is someone very special to me and she, like Wynton Marsalis, treats me with a lot of respect and love and I always feel wanted and special when I’m around them. They see to it that everyone treats me good and understands our relationship.

Thanks to those of you that prayed for me to find a supportive and capable roommate to take Alan’s place. Eli is my new roommate. He’s very kind and conscientious. I hope things are going to work out for us. So far, so good.

My nurse Alma is leaving for the Philippines this week. So I’ll have a substitute nurse for the next month. I’m going to depend on Eli helping the new nurse to take care of me while Alma is away. I’m a bit anxious about this temporary change. I get comfortable with things and I get anxious about new things. I have to rely on my faith to get me through these periods. I appreciate all your prayers. I’m sure that does a lot to remind God of my circumstances and makes things run more smoothly. I’ll be looking forward to them this month. My uncle George and my friend Ted have been my spiritual comforters. I’ll be depending on them to help me get through these next few weeks. I’d appreciate if you would pray for Alma’s safe return.

I’m sorry that the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial dedication was preempted because of the hurricane. My President’s campaign is coming up soon and I pray that I can get involved with the campaign and be of benefit to him. My friend Steve McKeever is going to have to be my liaison. Obama depends on Steve to do certain things for him, culturally and musically. I’m hoping that Steve can put me in touch with some people that will make my efforts on behalf of the President significant. I hope you all are still supportive of him and give him another four years to make things better.

This has been quite a season for me. I’ve appreciated staying in touch with everyone and all your support. I love you all. Continue to stay in touch.