Happiest New Year 2012

What a year this has been for so many of us. Such a hardship for some, such bounty for others, so many blessings for me and my family. I love you guys so much. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been at home and on a ventilator for two and a half years. I’ve spent some time in and out of Saint Johns, UCLA Hospital in Santa Monica. For the most part, I’ve been healthy and comfortable. I know some of you have been disappointed that I haven’t regained the use of my voice. If it’s possible, I’m going to definitely try and work on some changes for the coming year, 2012, a year of significant and substantial change for so many of us.

I’ve been on the mend for most of our president’s first term of duty. I have to say, there’s been some disappointment, especially some of the compromises he’s had to make in order to work with the Republican House and so much influence in the Republican Senate. I ask myself if he would have really been willing to undertake this task if he knew that so much of the support that he got during his campaign and election would be rescinded and that he would be abandoned in the very first House selection in 2010. It makes me wonder whether people have any level of political sophistication at all when they were supporting and electing him in 2008. I know I heard him when he said it was going to be a difficult ride at first, trying to get certain policy implemented and established. But when it happened, people turned on him and acted as if our current political and economic hardships were brought in and caused by Obama’s political lack of sophistication. Of course, we all know that isn’t true. It didn’t seem to matter in the 2010 election. Of course, working with the new Republican regime in the House and the machine in the Senate hasn’t made it any easier.

I want things to get better and I believe that Barack Obama can improve things over the next four years. He should be given a chance to work more conscientiously on his policy outcomes in the coming years. I’ll be doing what I can to put myself in position to support his reelection campaign with everything I have. I’d love to be able to live into another term of an African American presidency and given a chance to work on some policy stabilizing ideas that Barack has been trying to promote. I would love to see the health care bill reinforced and stabilized in the new term. I would love to see some revenue accumulated by getting some more tax money from the wealthiest sectors in society. Right now, the economy is so bad it would not be a catastrophe to take some additional income from the tax base that Obama’s proposing in order to stabilize our economy along with savings that would be incurred with the military budget changes and some of the jobs created by the infrastructure reinforcing that Obama is proposing. I know some of my college buddies are disappointed by stalwart support for Obama given the state of the economy and the miniscule changes we’ve experienced this past couple of years. Most of you know how dedicated, loyal, and intelligent I am also. So even though you may have some questions regarding your support of Obama, you should still be supportive of me and know that my intentions are honorable and intelligible when it comes to our country and our collective communities. I know that things are going to get better. And I believe that Barack Obama can be instrumental in making those things happen given the time and support that any president is due.

So many challenges have taken place for so many this year. Some of the stuff that people are facing because of the economy is really moving. So many of my family, friends, and contacts have been faced with challenges. But we’ve been blessed. Most of us are still working and healthy and experiencing success in our relationships and careers. I’ve been in touch with a number of people throughout the year. I’m still thankful and sometimes a bit in awe of the number of people that still think of me and contact and reach out to me. I’m so thankful to them and I love you for your efforts. My experience is most of what I have to offer to my loved ones as an example of what giving love and reaching out can do to enhance your life. I pray that all of you consider your blessings and realize what and who you have to be thankful for and acknowledge them. It will make a big difference in all our lives. Thank you again for encouraging me and for motivating me to reach out and be there for those people I care about. Stay in touch with me. Give me the blessing of your time and your consideration once again in the new year. I’ll do my best to continue to try and be worthy.