Current Events

So many things to choose from. On a personal level, my good friend Anthony is planning to go to Afghanistan on a civilian contract to broaden his experience and provide a little something extra for his family.

My brother was volunteering in Oakland a couple of weeks ago, playing basketball with some young people. He did some damage to his knee and had knee surgery last week. So far, all is good. He’s quite sore now though.

My buddy Baron and his family are preparing for their father’s memorial, Saturday, March 10. How many good memories can you share with how many people? When a man raises a large family and shares a career with his wife in law enforcement, starts a business that provides jobs for so many people and safety for countless children that go back and forth to and from school every day, you get a considerable amount. Ronald Farwell will be remembered for this and so much more.

Speaking of memories, we’ll all be remembering Don Cornelius for giving us Soul Train, a platform that showcased musicians and talented African American artists for three decades, introducing the great Motown, Stax, Capitol and Atlantic artists, like Stevie Wonder, Michael and the other Jacksons, Aretha, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Earth, Wind and Fire, Natalie Cole, Patti and Labelle, and Al Green, as well as all the politicians and actors and actresses of the day. Don wasn’t always the nicest guy, as I can personally attest to. But man, he did bring the music.

Speaking of music, another humongous voice and artist just passed, Whitney. It’s hard to speak of so much publicity and so many questions and so much affirmation and affection. We’re going to miss her voice, charisma, sweetness, and soulfulness for years to come. Her “sister,” Etta James, passed a little while ago. She was the personification of jazz and blues. Whitney, like our “brother” Michael, was pop music royalty at its best. So many great songs that we’ll listen to for the rest of our lives. We’ll never stop missing Whitney and Michael, but they’ll keep us together and comforted through their music for many years.

As for sports, what about those “Jersey” Giants, Super Bowl champs again! I’m happy about that!! The Manning family has given a lot to us football fans through their incredible talent and their fine example of family values and accomplishment. And what about my new Asian brother, Jeremy Lin, playing for my New York Knicks! I can only hope that he’ll continue to play “Harvard” style basketball and at least bring the Knicks back to the playoffs with the help of Amari and Carmelo.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t forgotten Tim Tebow. He really brought something special to professional sports. Many professional athletes and entertainers do not mention their faith as the catalyst for their success. Few personify their spirituality, like Tim Tebow did with his success with the Broncos this year. I can only hope that he and Jeremy continue to find success and engrain their messages and example for the next few years.

Lastly, what about The State of the Union? After three years of struggle and challenge, my man and my President, Barack Obama, and his administration have shown some significant accomplishments and signs of improving the economy. As he said three years ago, it’s going to take some time to make good things happen. But I say, let’s give him another term to really do something great. Let’s get some improved health care, some better education, some improved nutrition, a greener environment, some more jobs, and a more peaceful world. I think he can contribute a lot to all these things. He brings a calm intelligence and formitability to the administration of the American way.

I love you guys. Keep praying for me and loving each other.