With Roy Hagrove

This is a picture of me and my friend Marc Jackson and Roy Hargrove.  I saw him recently at Catalina Bar and Grill in L.A.  Roy remains one of my favorite jazz musicians and celebrities.  I love him, his dedication to the music, and the way that he nurtures and supports his bandmates throughout the years.  He’s discovered quite a few musicians and mentored them, just like he was by people like Wynton Marsalis, Bobby Watson, and Elvin Jones.  I’ve seen him with a number of musicians throughout the years.  I appreciate and applaud his dedication to the music and to performing it throughout the world.  I had the opportunity to discover him for myself years ago in Montrose Switzerland and I’ve seen him in Europe and throughout the U.S. ever since.  I pray that God allows him to promote and perform the music for years to come and that I get a chance to see him again.

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