Resurrection and Forgiveness

It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or Christian. Resurrection is someting that touches all of us in our lives at one time or another, whether it’s a loved one that we’ve lost or a relationship that has changed. The idea of something being born again or revived or the opportunity to forgive someone are all concepts that we can utilize. Think about it.

This past couple of weeks, we’ve had a community police killing of a young teenage boy in Miami. We should believe that no life is given or taken in vain. That 14 year old’s spirit should be known and remembered for more than just the way he passed on. We shouldn’t remember him only for the bad thoughts and the bad memories that his killing evokes from a history of unkindness and injustice. We have truly as a people gone past that. We shouldn’t think about the past killing at that school in Oakland, CA solely for the seemingly senseless murders. We should think about the good those people left behind, and the good that their memories can inspire. We should also remember the miracle that took place in the Dallas, TX area with two tornadoes colliding over an area with over 1.5 million people, destroying much property but not taking any lives.

Resurrection, rebirth, forgiveness, and the future are important things to think about at times like these and in situations like these. Look through your life and acknowledge the blessings and the good things that you have. Think about seeing a new day, living another year, and all the wonderful opportunities that that brings. If you have a chance and it’s warranted, forgive someone. Acknowledge someone that you love for their growth and their potential. Be thankful for the changes and the growth in your own life. And remember that you’re loved and that I love you.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday. See you soon.