My Time of Year

I’m sure you all know this is my time of year — Mother’s Day, the greatest day of all, for the greatest person for most of us, especially me and Wayne, as well as graduation time and accomplishments all around. I’m the biggest fan of these occasions and what they represent. More specifically, my mom is doing her thing, looking after everybody, staying active, loving strong, and always with nothing but the best intentions. I extend my thanks to her for doing so much for so many for so long.

I drafted this message from the 12th floor of the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, next to the L.A. Airport. I needed the accommodations because mold was discovered in the bathroom of my apartment. The place was unsafe and unhealthy to inhabit. I’m back at home now, but it required considerable adjustments from my nursing staff, who had to help me break out of my normal routine to accommodate and adapt to this change. And of course, once again, I had the support of my mom to help keep it all pieced together, backing me up and tightening things up to make things bearable. Thanks mom! Three of my nurses are mothers also and I’ve got nothing but love and admiration for how they handle their own lives and manage to work with me through my changing experiences and keep me feeling blessed.

Getting back to graduations, I’ve got two ladies graduating from college, with very proud mothers sharing this first experience. One mother and father are actually experiencing college graduation for their first born daughter (GO DANIELLE!) and a high school graduation for their baby boy (Richard Jr.), on his way to the Univ. of Arizona in the Fall and jazz in Europe with his family for the summer. I’m real proud of that warm and loving family. I also can’t forget my sweet Jasmine, graduating from Cal. State Dominguez, the pride and joy of her mom and grandmom, and all her friends and others that know this outstanding trio. Congratulations Hyacinth! You work hard for your honey.

I’ve also got high school graduations in Atlanta with Malcolm, Georgia’s one and only, and Southern California, with Theo, on his way to Morehouse in Atlanta. Last but not least making it out of high school is my special girl Elyse. Her father Lance, my good buddy and little bro, and her big brother Shariff are so proud.

Keep striving. There are much better days ahead and more accomplishments to be had. The sky’s the limit for this group! So much potential and so much support. That’s what makes it happen.

I got to end this message with my expression of support and happiness for our President’s decision on same sex marriage. Let relationships blossom in an atmosphere of prevailing support and acceptance. So many good people need a chance to love and be loved openly. Congratulations on a strong decision. I’ve been calling for Barack not to try to play it too safe and instead, take the high road and step out on some of the principles and values that he expressed during the last election. He, like myself and others, wants a better America and therefore, sometimes you got to shake things up, even though it might mean potentially a one-term presidency. He is history and always will be. I want him to be self-determined. I’m with him all the way, as I am with Michelle, who is another strong and outstanding mother.

I love all you mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, wives, and husbands. Please keep reading and supporting me. Make sure your moms and your graduates know you care, like I care for all of you. God bless.