Father’s Day 2012

Happy Father’s Day.  Once again, my favorite time of the year: Mother’s Day, graduation, my nephew’s birthday, the California primary, and Father’s Day.  I’m so blessed to have such a stellar father in my life.  He defies all the stereotypical perceptions of what an African American father should be in so many ways.  But he’s always been that way.  He’s charted his own course through a variety of life circumstances.  Adaptability, consistency, and determination are tendencies and talents that’s he combined to live an accomplished life.  It takes that type of person to inspire, encourage, and promote fatherhood and manhood to all the people that he’s encountered.  I’m blessed to have him and my brother as examples of fatherhood, brotherhood, and friendship.  I look around me and see that having them in my life has enabled me to attract similar people in my friends and associations.  Most of my considerable number of acquaintances are good fathers and have had good influences in their lives.

I think it’s important that you express appreciation to the fathers, uncles, brothers, and friends in your life that have provided comfort, support, and inspiration to you.  This greeting goes out to my considerable influences and comrades.  Thank you for your example and your encouragement.  It inspires and motivates me to see you with your families and activities in your community.  Times like this call for comfort, support, encouragement, and enthusiasm from the men and women that mean the most to us in our lives.  Those efforts should be acknowledged and encouraged.

Thank you Dad for providing me a frame of reference and a means to advise good fatherhood.  I love you all.

Our country will be looking for a father figure of sorts in November.  I’m hoping that you will look kindly on our current President, another dedicated father.  Let’s give him four more years and a chance to complete his mission and get our country moving in a better direction.