Republican Convention 2012 – Part I

I feel so limited not being able to get around because of the wound that I’m nursing on my butt.  I want so desperately to continue checking out my music and activities in the community.  Once again, Baron has made it possible for me to have access to a few Hollywood Bowl concerts, which I had to pass on.  My wheelchair seat is so hard that it tears me up when I sit for too long.  I like to be out with my Obama “uniform” (hat and t-shirt) on, letting people know my beliefs and my desire for 4 more years of opportunity to work with a great man.

I’ve been watching the Republican Convention.  They have some interesting characters promoting a platform that’s not much different than the Bush policies that contributed to our debt and deficit.  Sometimes, when I hear them talk, I can’t tell if they don’t remember what happened in the past, whether they don’t think we know what happened, or whether they expect us to wipe the slate clean and give them the chance to do it all over again.  Ann Romney did a great job as the woman behind the man with 5 children and 18 grandchildren.  What would you expect?  She’s beautiful and tough, but she’s totally bought in!  Chris Christie from NJ came in talking about tough love, hard decisions, federal cuts in the budget that would primarily affect non-Republicans (easy for him to say), and cutting funding on education and health care for the middle class, the lower class and seniors.  Seems to be easy enough for him to promote.

It’s my opinion that we need the government to ensure balance and representation to provide jobs, education, health care, and other public services that a majority of Americans cannot afford to provide for themselves.  I think me and Obama see that as a responsibility to provide opportunities and options for those people that can’t “lobby” for themselves.  That’s what makes America great.  I also get uncomfortable when they describe their “immigrant heritage.”  So many of them are second generation Americans whose parents became successful enough to provide them with the opportunities that they needed to get ahead, opportunities that people in Arizona and the South want to take away from the immigrants that they’ve been using for cheap labor and now want to send back to where they came from, dividing their families and making it impossible for them to achieve the American dream.  Obama realizes that that’s not an easy goal.  He also doesn’t want an economy that’s fueled and dependent on the “war” economy.  He wants defense to be for defense, not to promote an economy that limits the type of people that has access to jobs and promotes careers based on fear.

I still want to watch Ryan and Mitt Romney today and tomorrow to see what they have to say.  But I can’t wait til next week, when the real convention starts.  We have a tough road ahead of us.  But if things aren’t difficult and you don’t have to work hard to earn them, they’re not as satisfying and they don’t mean as much.  I know it’s going to be a different four years with a second term for Obama.  He’ll have more freedom, experience, and be willing to “box” more confidently for bipartisan support.

I love you guys.  Put a good word out.  Pray for me so I can keep doing my part.

1 thought on “Republican Convention 2012 – Part I

  1. Well said Dj…well said. Your thoughts are so inspirational and full of hope. You will always be in my prayers.


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