One last message of inspiration before Election Day

My main e-mail man is going out of town on a much deserved vacation this week.  I’ll miss him.  I won’t be able to write you guys until after election day, so I just want to say to you, you all know that my life has been blessed.  Although I haven’t worked, I’ve always done my best to contribute to the world.  There are so many things that a person with good intentions, values, families, and friends can do to make a contribution to the world, especially in America.  We are all truly blessed just to live here.  The most blessed values and support systems that are necessary to keep life going are provided to most of us here in this country, because of the democratic way of life that we have chosen to uphold.  Voting is our way of making that work for all of us.  So we have to take advantage of that opportunity and that duty to make it happen.  We have a right to our opinion and we have many of them fortunately.  Up until now, they have all come together and kept us afloat.  And by doing that, we make an impression and a contribution to the world.  That is so important.  The government is not perfect.  Nothing is, except for God.  But it is our way of making sure that the resources get distributed to maintain our way of life.

I know there are Republicans and there are Democrats.  We all share the most important values, even though we don’t always agree on how to make them come to be.  It’s my belief that Barack Obama has had difficulty bringing our society back into solvency primarily because of the problems that he inherited when he became president.  Some might say he might not have become president if America wasn’t in such a desperate situation in 2008.  It doesn’t matter.  We were blessed and he did come to be.  He did many good things.  In 2010, he lost the Congress and much of his effectiveness.  But he carried on, with dignity and perseverance.  And he still has contributed much to our overall way of living and this country’s image as a people.  We may not agree with some of his economic ideas, but most of us would have to agree with his values and his concern and his commitment for the middle class and for those people with lesser individual voices in this country.  That’s the most important point that I would like to make.  He’s concerned with and dedicated to the majority of Americans, people of color, women, disabled people, the elderly, gay people, and the middle and lower classes.  If we all get together and vote together to give him the chance to continue to represent us, he’ll secure extended healthcare for so many of us, improve education, and make this a greener place to live with more efficient fuel sources.  If we all work together with him, there’s no telling what else he can accomplish and what can happen when he’s finished.

I love you all and I appreciate that you read my e-mails and listen to my voice.  Most of you that know me know I’ve lived a privileged and blessed life, considering my physical abilities to contribute.  I am one of the 47% that Mitt Romney talked about.  Those of you that know me know I’ve tried to add more than I’ve taken away.  I speak for people like myself that have done the same and I firmly believe that we are what makes America great.

Vote the right way on Nov. 6.  Give Barack and the rest of us some more time to make it better.  Thanks for listening.  I love you.

On Obama and Biden’s debates

It was comforting to hear the two of them do so much better and give a much stronger representation of themselves and what they would like to do in their next term.  I’m looking forward to the last debate on Monday.  I hope he does just as good if not better.  I wish that he would bring up the abortion issue and spend some more time with Romney’s 47% issue.  I know he’s not that kind of person, but I know he will do what he has to do to win the election for his constituency and our country.  Romney doesn’t have any concrete answers to the complex economic issues we are still facing.  But Obama is making gradual progress with some more participation and compromise from Republicans.  He’ll do much more.  He’s so smart and so compassionate.  We have to support him and give him another term.

Obama Undebateable

I imagine most of you are wondering what I thought about the first debate and why I haven’t written about it.  I am so determined to be a Barack supporter that it’s hard for me to write about disappointment.  Naturally, he gave all the information about his policy and his ideas and desires for the next term.  He even expressed his differences of opinion about Romney’s ideas.  For some reason, he didn’t seem to want to be confrontational.  I interpret that as a style choice more than anything else.  I think his campaign ads and publicity include certain statements about Romney with a certain tone that he didn’t feel comfortable expressing in the debate.  For whatever reason, that was his choice, and I have to support him.  It will be interesting to see if that continues to be his strategy in the coming weeks.

I can’t imagine why the race is so close.  He is the incumbent.  He not only stopped a lot of the deterioration of our country’s economic policies,  but things are slowly and consistently improving.  We need more time. I’ll be in touch, and I’ll be on the case.  My write-in ballot should be coming any day now.  I can’t wait to submit my vote.  I want all of you to vote (you know who I’m suggesting).  Decide from the last Republican policies that created negative situations for our country.  The only good, sound policies Romney suggests are similar to Obama’s.  Listen carefully, and choose wisely.  I believe in you.