Obama Undebateable

I imagine most of you are wondering what I thought about the first debate and why I haven’t written about it.  I am so determined to be a Barack supporter that it’s hard for me to write about disappointment.  Naturally, he gave all the information about his policy and his ideas and desires for the next term.  He even expressed his differences of opinion about Romney’s ideas.  For some reason, he didn’t seem to want to be confrontational.  I interpret that as a style choice more than anything else.  I think his campaign ads and publicity include certain statements about Romney with a certain tone that he didn’t feel comfortable expressing in the debate.  For whatever reason, that was his choice, and I have to support him.  It will be interesting to see if that continues to be his strategy in the coming weeks.

I can’t imagine why the race is so close.  He is the incumbent.  He not only stopped a lot of the deterioration of our country’s economic policies,  but things are slowly and consistently improving.  We need more time. I’ll be in touch, and I’ll be on the case.  My write-in ballot should be coming any day now.  I can’t wait to submit my vote.  I want all of you to vote (you know who I’m suggesting).  Decide from the last Republican policies that created negative situations for our country.  The only good, sound policies Romney suggests are similar to Obama’s.  Listen carefully, and choose wisely.  I believe in you.

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