Mother’s Day 2013

You guys know that Mother’s Day is my second favorite holiday, next to Christmas.  I’ve been so blessed to have such a wonderful mother.  She’s been the ultimate for me my whole life.  She encouraged me as a child and has supported me throughout my adulthood.  She raised me to have faith in God.  She has helped me to stay alive and to keep me inspired and motivated.  I was blessed to have a great-grandmother and grandmother that supported our family development and helped us all to reach success.  They will never be forgotten.  Were it not for these women, so much of my life would not be possible.

All of us are blessed to have mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts that mean so much to us.  God provided them to nurture and encourage us through life’s challenges.  We may not have all of them, but they all represent a certain kind of support and kindness that helps us make the best of our lives.  They help us to become better people.  I’ve been so blessed to have representatives from all of these categories impact heavily on my life.  I was encouraged by the main man in my life, my father, to revere and support my mother, like he did.  We were taught to be there for that unique person who would provide us that extra sustenance, emotionally and spiritually.

I’ll be 55 in July thanks to my mom and the legion of support that she’s encouraged around me.  I have lived longer than many people in my circumstances.  All of you receiving this message have contributed significantly to my accomplishments and well-being.  I know through our interactions that you’ve had substantial women in your lives that have made major contributions and a big difference.  Please take advantage of this holiday to extend your regards, bestow your appreciation and remember with reverence these women that mean so much to you.

Thank you all for being in my life, and I extend my greatest appreciation to those women that have made you the kind of people that mean so much to me and others.

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