55 and counting – What a blessing!

July 2, 1958 — 55 years ago, what a milestone!  That’s what birthdays are, days to be shared with the people you love, days to be remembered by people that care about you.  I had another good birthday brunch on Sunday, June 30, at NOLA restaurant in downtown Los Angeles (down home New Orleans buffet).  Everybody seemed to enjoy the atmosphere.  It was a sweltering afternoon in Los Angeles, which made it feel like being in Louisiana.

DJ and his Mom celebrate his 55th birthday

DJ and his Mom celebrate his 55th birthday

I was blessed from visits by my buddy Rich Yarbough and his family from Arizona, my “brothers” Lance and Tony from Sacramento, my college buddy Ira and his family, and Ed Lewis, also from Cal.  Max, Dorene and Ceci came in from New Mexico in time to make it.  Of course my mom and dad and my brother Wayne made it official.  People in your life that love you make it special.  My nurse Alma worked that day to make sure I could be comfortable and safe. My other nurse Natalie and her fella Mike brought baby Scarlett so that she could be a part of the festivities and make things extra special.  Babies have a way of doing that.  She’s my newest dream girl!  I’m thankful that Baron’s mother, Mom Farwell (my other mother), was able to make it also.  She’s so important to so many of us.  And my “sister” Lillibeth also came.  I love her so much.  She’s such a champion for people and my hero.   What a day it was!  Baron and my folks are there for me, making each day and year worthwhile.

A few people weren’t able to make it.  My buddy Brian, Cardell, and a few more were missing, but their love was felt.  That Tuesday, July 2 (which was my actual birthday), some people came by my place for my second favorite soul food, Chinese food, and cake.  All in all, between the visits, the parties, and the food, and of course messages from friends from all over, via e-mail, Facebook, and phone, it was a great birthday, and I’m so thankful.

Birthdays are your special gifts from God.  They go along with all the people and experiences he’s blessed you to have.  None of it is to be taken for granted.  All of it is to be cherished and shared.  When your birthday comes again, don’t see it as getting old.  See it as getting richer.  Be thankful and share it with the people you love.  It means as much to them as it does to you.

I’m still working on shoring up my nursing support system.  I’m so thankful to have it.  I’d love to make it to the big 60, so I can share it with my nephew when he graduates and other people that I love along the way.  I’m thankful now and blessed for what I’ve had.  I sure miss Joanne, Granny, Sissie, Charles, Steven, and now Lisa.  I’ve got a lot to look forward to, and I’m determined to make the most of what God gives me.  Remember and think of me for that.  Take an example, do your best, be thankful, and share it!