Looking forward to the holidays (with Love and Happiness)

This is my time of year.  55 years old, and I still love Thanksgiving and Christmas.  These are times when love, understanding, charity, and support are at their utmost.  Yeah, it’s commercial, but it’s good commercial.  We need it.  I need it!  I love and need all of you.  I’m so thankful for all the support, continued life, and just being a part of the world, enjoying the good parts and sharing the tough parts together.

So many things are happening in our individual and collective lives.  I hope things get better for the world and our nation.  Too many senseless killings!  So much trouble facing Obama, mainly in his work.  The government shutdown was certainly something.  I hope ObamaCare helps people and turns into something good.  People need health care and security.  It doesn’t look like he’s going to be able to do much more, except manage emergencies and crises when they happen and support people during these times.

I think due to racism, the deck was stacked against him.  The Republican Congress and I am sure even some “moderates” believe that he needed to be kept under control.  But I don’t believe anyone should recommend suffocating a president’s good intentions and ideas.  It’s still been a great experiment and I’m glad that we’ve been alive together in the U.S. to experience the first African American President.  He’s been the personification of grace, intelligence, and dignity.  In 2014, we have the opportunity to give him some help to accomplish some more things and get us ready for Hilary.  I’m looking forward to being here and being with you to work this through.

Congratulations to Cory Booker.  I’m sorry that in this year of great accomplishment, he’s lost two of the most important people in his life, who were there to support and nurture.  He’s going to do good things.  He’s been strong, in spite of his losses.  I haven’t been able to get to him, but I’m still in L.A. with Magic Johnson, one of the great people that I’ve met in my life.  It’s amazing how winning and happiness follow his smile and personality.  The Dodgers did some great things this year.  Who knows what’s going to happen next year.  I’m looking forward to the upcoming  basketball season and enjoying the football season as well.  How about those Kansas City Chiefs!

I’ve been feeling challenged in my stomach, but I still have good doctors and good support from family and friends.  God willing, “every little thing’s gonna be alright.”  So don’t worry.  Keep praying for me though.   I’ve also got some friends going through some challenges.  They’re great people, and I know they’re going to be alright.  I hope to be here to support them and love them through it.  God is good, all the time.  And with sunshine, there’s got to be some rain.

I’m still trying to get some nurses that will encourage and support me getting out and being with my people.  Hope to do some of that during the holidays.  Would love to see some music.  Look forward to seeing my boy Wynton again.  He just had another birthday, and he keeps accomplishing so many things.

Looking forward to seeing people at my place if I can’t get out to see them, and looking forward to staying in touch with all of you.

Thanks for reading me and loving me.  I’ll be in touch.

Much love always,