My Unisex Valentine’s Greeting and Reminder

What is it about me that makes me think I’m responsible to remind you about basic human responsibilities and observations? Valentine’s Day marks the end of my holiday season, which as you know, begins with Thanksgiving. I love you all so much for the tremendous opportunity that your friendship/acquaintances have afforded me. This is my 56th year to take advantage of your grace.

Valentine’s Day has become a commercial representation of basic human desire, need, and capacity to share and give love. That is something we all need and can give in its various forms and proprieties. I’ve been living by the grace of God and love in its many different expressions from all of you. I hope you know how important that is to me and how grateful I am to you because of it. I think it puts me in a unique position to be able to encourage you to share that same kind of feeling to those closest to you and to others you come into contact with. It makes a difference. In some ways, it makes all the difference in the world. So much is happening in our lives and the world around us. I think our most potent assets are the love we have and our virtual, limitless capacity to share it. Please remember and do what you can to use it wisely and affirmatively for the good of you, your family and our collective community.

I recently watched a movie called Best Man Holiday. What I took from it was the importance of family, how friends become family, and how faith leads to a positive end for those of us sharing it. The holiday season comes to a close and it’s been a strange winter of snow and cold on the east coast and in the south, and drought in most of the west coast. I believe God is nature and nature is in control, but remember that faith and love make it all work together for our collective benefit.

I love you all and appreciate your taking the time to read my thoughts, consider my life experience, and respond whichever way you can. Stay in touch and stay loved.

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