Mother’s Day, I feel a special connection to it


All of you that get my messages know how important to me my mother is, and how important my grandmother, great grandmother and sister were. These are examples of women that God puts in our lives to make us who we are, to help us become what we can be, and to make it possible for us to endure the hardships of life. I’ve been blessed to have women like this in my life, as well as friends and (now that I need them) nurses as well that have such a positive impact on my life. I’m sure all of you have and are blessed to know women of similar quality. All of you take some time between now and Sunday to indulge in a bit of commercialism that can only make those women in your life feel as special to you as they are.

I can’t do enough to express the gratitude and appreciation that I feel for my mother and other mothers and how much they mean to me. Since I became a full time patient, I’ve had nurses who are single mothers that have come into my life, working hard to raise their children while taking time to care for people like myself in the process. They have come to mean so much to me. I admire them. They have been blessed to have the kind of father that I have had, a father who has been with my mother for the 56 years of my life, supporting her and helping her to raise my brother, sister, and myself. These women treat me with kindness, work for me with constancy, and have helped me stay alive. They’ve invigorated me and inspired me to feel worthy and to continue to be the best person I can be.

I recognize these qualities because my mother, grandmothers, and sister raised, encouraged and molded me with them. They also showed me the kind of human qualities, energy and receptiveness that make it possible for us to have the kind of relationships that we have. You’re blessed that way too. Believe it, depend on it, rejoice in it, and utilize it! It’ll make all the difference in your life and those lives that you care so much about and that you come in contact with.

I love all of you for being with me all these years in the various capacities in which we are connected. Once again, take some time to indulge in commercialism and make those people that mean the most to you and do the most for you feel special and loved. Try to remember that your friend and brother DJ encouraged you to do so and know that I’ll be doing it with as many as I can right along with you.

God bless all your mothers and sons and daughters. I love you all.