Catching Up

My good friend Brian came by to see me last week, so I got a chance to get on email.  So much has happened recently.  President Obama is still catching hell from the Republicans.   He’s traveling around trying to get some more Democrats in the House and maintain the Senate in the mid-term election.  It doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to get to see him while he’s President.  The process is so involved.  I’m hoping my friend Steve will connect us when he comes to L.A. after his term is over.  Looking forward to meeting him and Michelle at some point.  That’s one of my goals.

So many things are happening with ISIS, trying to keep a consortium of countries together, working to resist their development.  I believe that we’ll be able to do it, but I fear they will bring us some more challenges in the near future.
Ebola is another international issue that we have to stay on top of.  I was watching Dr. Oz on Wendy Williams, and he was saying it doesn’t spread without physical contact and body fluid exchange, similar to the AIDS virus.  It’s going to create challenges for West Africa, the U.S., and the world because people are so fearful and stereotypes keep us suspicious of each other.  We have to get past that to deal with Ebola, AIDS, and ISIS.  I believe that we can.

I’m sorry to see that Attorney General Holder had to resign.  I’m happy that he’s putting into motion some reforms that could improve community relations between minority communities and police.  I wish he was going to be here a while longer so he could see some of the reforms materialize.  I’m worried about the replacement that will be chosen to take his place and whether he/she will be as dedicated in dealing with these issues.

I was also disappointed that Leon Panetta wrote a book challenging some of Obama’s decisions on international policy.  I guess they had disagreements so he decided to write a book expressing some of them around the time of the elections and before Obama’s term was over.

I’ve had a chance to check out some jazz recently and attend the Watts Tower Jazz Festival.  I saw some friends in the music business whom I’ve known for some time.  I’m so thankful to be able to get out to see my music and stay in touch with my friends and to keep connecting with what’s happening.  Watching football and basketball keeps me connected to a lot of my friends.

My mom and dad are taking care of each other while my mom rehabilitates from her back surgery.  I love them so much!  I love my brother and his family as well as my brother Baron and his daughters and mother.  I also love staying in touch with all of you.  Your messages and your calls mean a lot to me.  Remember I’m here for you.

Looking forward to the upcoming holidays.  Check out the TV shows from the new season.  And don’t forget to vote!