Mixed Emotions

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to talk to you all. Words can’t describe how disappointed I was about this past election. You see old people struggling to get to the polls and people like myself sending in absentee ballots for the privilege and the opportunity to make a statement and add instead of just take away from the system and our community. But most people just refuse to do it. We have a government that could alleviate so many problems, diminish so much hardship, and fortify so much weakness. If we just vote, we can get people in positions to compromise. We’re failing our children. We’re disrespecting our public and universal image. We’re not getting it done. We can’t blame the buffoons in political positions for not doing anything if we keep giving them their jobs rather than giving it to those who can improve things. Political public service is a job but it’s also a privilege to represent our communities to make our country a better place to live. They’re not going to get it done if we don’t hold them accountable. We talk, complain, even whine, but we don’t vote. It’s ridiculous.

I know so many people for so many reasons don’t want Obama to be president anymore. But he’s a great and gracious man. History will prove that he was a formitable president. History has made Ronald Reagan into a great figure. Like Bill Clinton, Obama will probably go on with his wife and create a foundation that will do tremendous things. But we blew it. First no House to work with, now no Senate. They’re trying to make a joke out of him. We’re letting them do it because we won’t vote for people that will work with him to do the great things that can make our country a better place to live. It’s a disappointing shame.

So many people need help. Our education system is deteriorating. It’s supposed to be a right in a country like ours. It’s the only real way that the majority of us can create a society that can make the world better. If good education is a privilege, it’s terrible. We can’t do any better than giving a child the right to a good education so they can make the most of their choices and learn how to work cooperatively and collectively.

I am so grateful for the essence of what this country stands for. I’ve been educated, I’ve traveled, I’ve come in contact with different parts of the world, and I’ve shared ideas and cultures in some of the finest institutions in the world. I am blessed with a great family and support system and fortunate that I got to see Obama and may see Hilary Clinton take over. Why would she run though with the present House and Senate that we have? What would be the benefit for her?

Hilary just became a grandmother. I owe my life and the courage to pursue my dreams because of the love and encouragement of my grandmothers. Grandparents are God’s miracles, just like children. We have it in our grasp to create a society that can give the miracle that every child is the opportunity to meet the miracle that every grandparent represents. All we have to do is provide the equal education and health care so we can live our lives together. I know that sounds utopic, and human beings have faults. We’re not perfect. So we’re not going to create a perfect world. But we can do so much better and we can start making an effort by voting.

On another matter, Bill Cosby has represented the ultimate actor, parent, educator, and philanthropist for 77 years. He’s not perfect, though many agree with much of what he’s done and look forward to his advice on many matters. It’s hard for me to believe that he is some sort of serial molester. He’s had access to so much for so long. He’s had access to presidents, other world leaders, business people, etc. He’s virtually a billionaire. Up until recently, he was an icon and a national treasure. I love Bill Cosby and I hope he’s proven innocent. I pray for him and his family.

Much love always,