Valentine’s Greeting

Happy Valentine’s to all of you that I love and who love and keep positive thoughts for me. I didn’t get a chance to send you all my usual New Year’s message. Things change and I haven’t been able to coordinate it. Me and my boy Brian are working on a different schedule these days. But he still keeps me in touch.

I’m so thankful to be here in 2015! My mom’s back is not where she would like it to be yet. She’s planning on visiting later this month, and I’m so happy. I’m looking forward to seeing her and my dad. It’s a big year for my family. My brother’s boys are both graduating, Tommy from high school, and Jordan from middle school. We’re so proud of both of them. I’m looking forward to being a part of that celebration, if everything works out. They know I love them so much.

Valentine’s Day is a special day for me. It’s a day of love. My life has been blessed and graced with love from so many people in so many places. My love for music, especially jazz and old school R & B, keeps me invigorated. I’m hoping we get some more from both this year in L.A. and I get a chance to get out and see it and be part of helping to keep those great traditions alive.

I’ll be 57 this July and I’m thankful! I’m looking forward to it. It’s the power of love and prayer that’s keeping me here. I can feel it! Keep thinking good thoughts for me. Write me, call me, and come and visit when you have a chance. I’m making every effort to stay as vital as I can, so I can be contributory and helpful to you when we make our connection. I love you very much. Thanks for everything! Stay in touch!

Again, Happy Valentine’s. I hope you were able to share it with people you love!