Thanksgiving 2015

DJ – thank you for the [holiday message], and, for your words of wisdom, insight, and, thank you for being you – my friend, my mentor in many ways, and most of all my brother!!

Your strength, love, spirit and wisdom has been not only a source of uplifting blessing for me – but also for my two now young-adult children, particularly as they have struggled through growing into a young man and young woman in this crazy world of instantaneous communication and judgement – trying to make sense of their self, their role in life and their purpose.  You continue to be that source of grounding and strength for them, and for me, whether it is your words in conversation – your emails like below – your simply DJ – the thought of you and your spirit!

I am indeed thank for the Angel that you are in my life – for being part of my family – for being part in particular of my children’s lives – and most of all for being you!
Much love, God bless and hope to see you soon!
Fraternally always!!
You are loved DJ!