Mother’s Day 2016

I am so blessed to receive my 58th Mother’s Day.  Those of you that receive my messages know how important my mother is in my life.  My strong faith in God keeps me alive and thriving, but my mother is my earth angel.  She has been struggling with a back condition for over a year.  She’s had 3 surgeries and is doing her best to overcome substantial pain to maintain a constructive and contributory life to her family and her community.  We have maintained our relationship over the telephone for almost a year.  It’s quite a sacrifice for both of us.  She’s hoping to regain her mobility and become fully functional sometime this year.  Please pray and keep positive thoughts for that to happen.

Most of you that get my messages are blessed to have important relationships with your mothers.  For those of you that believe, that relationship is the closest one to your relationship with God.  Those of you who are mothers take it seriously.  I revere my mother and try to emulate her and live a life that will make her proud.  To those of you so blessed to become fathers, try to be the kind of father that will represent the unconditional love, kindness, and support given to us (or that we believe should be given) by our mothers.

Give your mother your love this weekend and every week.  Also, think kindly about Hillary Clinton, a mother and grandmother who we need to chair our nation!  The alternative is unacceptable!

Much love always,