60th Birthday Greetings from DJ’s High School Teacher

Dear Donald,

It is my pleasure to congratulate you on the celebration of your 60th Birthday. As you know we first met while on a home instruction assignment. I was responsible for teaching you many of your High School subjects. You were, in effect, quite a surprise to me – an exceptional student with a pleasant personality to match. Your strength was in your retentional skills. Once taught, the topic stuck in your head like glue. You continually asked for and received learning material that was above and beyond the typical curriculum. One powerful thing started to develop. After you mastered a topic, you immediately formed “Opinions”. Usually when we watched the Walter Cronkite News Program you would comment on all the topics of the day. Your comments seemed to me to be mainly of a constructive nature but sometimes your criticisms of news topics yielded opinions far beyond your years.

Over the years we have kept in touch mainly through emails. You flawlessly reinforced your ideas of music, family, and lately politics. I doubt many persons could match such verbal arguments and suggestions.

At your induction into the Long Branch Academic Hall of Fame I wasn’t surprised to hear of your educational accomplishments. No wonder your emails contained not only details, but convincing facts to prove your points.

Congratulations again and please keep those emails coming…they are terrific.

With Love and Pride,
Mr. Krulikowski

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