A Message from Dominic

Hey DJ … Whaddup! …

I am glad to know you’ve been hanging in there, enjoying some of your familiar pastimes, and friends. I too was saddened by the passing of our man “Dukey Stick”. I think back with fascination about the many albums we enjoyed from George and the genre of music he helped to foster.

I have been quite behind in correspondence with so much to do and so little time. But I’ve recommitted myself to rekindling cherished old friendships and hope to soon make it to Los Angeles to check on a few folks. You know you’re one of the first if I can just see a break in the frenetic pace of life. I hope that your folks are well and your circle of friends continues to infuse and generate the zest for life that I remember you to always have. Though we haven’t spoken in much time, I carry in my heart the spirit and vibe that you’ve always managed to exude. Your positive thoughts and encouragement have never left my being all these many years and I am sure it’s there to stay. Keep on Keeping On … I read every one of your communications, sometimes not timely, but I do. Thanks for keeping me plugged in and tethered to your appreciation of the simplest of life’s happy moments. I truly appreciate you.

I have not been to So Cal since Mom passed but hope to get there by Summer. We just returned from Boise, Idaho where Aria took 2nd Place All_Around in her division … pic attached.



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