DJ 54

Last week was a special week for me. Monday, July 2, I turned 54. My birthday though really started the prior week, when the Supreme Court upheld Obama-Care and gave me and a lot of other Obama supporters our first serious foothold on the positive side of the upcoming election (or should I say re-election). For different reasons, it was a surprise to many. Those of us tried and true supporters have been looking for something that would make Americans believe that they had something constructive they could get from Obama. There’s so little extra to go around, in terms of resources in this sparse limited environment. I’m sure Obama will take this victory and weave it into a fabric of hope and positivity so we can get a chance at 4 more years to fulfill the vision and bring America back to a place of solvency and uplift.

Anyway, after that, I could concentrate more on the upcoming blessing that I had coming on July 2. My chosen brother, Baron, my mom, and my true brother, Wayne, were determined to help me celebrate this substantive milestone. They put together a wonderful Southern family style brunch at NOLA’s, a New Orleans like restaurant/bistro in Los Angeles. Baron left the guest list up to me. We were thinking of about 15 people to begin with. Baron said the final count was more like 30+. I was sorry that we didn’t estimate the attendance better, since I would hate to create the impression that I was taking advantage of Baron’s ongoing and super loving support. As it turned out, all but about 5 people (who were surely missed) showed up. My uncle, Jasmine, and my nurse Alma and her husband, were the first to arrive. We held the place down til about 3:00, listening to music, enjoying the brunch, and laughing and talking, like we always do. What a blessing! People like Brian, Ted, Kevin, and family showed up, as did Nick, Ellis, Mike and Natalie, Hyacinth, Patrice, Rob, Steve McKeever and his family, and my boy Mitch (who “photoged” the whole event). Lots of you have me on Facebook. Thank you for the greetings. Mitch and Wayne are going to put some pictures on Facebook as soon as they can. Dorothy, thanks again for picking up my brother and making sure he could spend some quality time with me and the rest of us.

Yeah, birthdays are special. Those of us who’ve done something right by the people we love are able to experience some indication of that on our special day. Because of the kind of family and friends I have, I’ve experienced it for 54 years now, and I’m so grateful. I would like to be able to do it a few more years. My oldest nephew is 15 now, in high school. Tommy, I’d like to be around when you graduate and get ready to go to college. I pray that I will be strong enough to share that experience with you, your parents and grandparents, and all of our friends.

Thanks again Baron for being the quality person that you are, and mom, dad and Wayne, for giving me the kind of love and support that’s willing me through this portion of my wonderful life.

Oh, I forgot to mention LaTanya and Michael. LaTanya is Michael’s mother. Michael is a young man who is a talented artist and a charming and endearing person that I met almost 30 years ago during Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition days. His mother and father love him, just as my mom and dad love me. Because of that, he has flourished and given the world lots of art and other beautiful things from his spirit. Although he’s adapted to life with cerebral palsy, like me, Michael is a fighter and a lover, and everybody loves him. God don’t make no mistakes when he gives you good family and friends. Anything is possible in life. I thank all of you for making mine so “wonderful.”

Stay in touch. You know I will. I love you.