King and Obama’s Moral Imagination

I was listening to Barack Obama at the Martin Luther King Jr. monument dedication. I wasn’t able to listen to all of it because my station cut off on me right in the middle of it. But he talked about 3 things that made a difference to me and left his usual lasting impression on me. He talked about Dr. King having a MORAL IMAGINATION. What a concept! I challenge anyone to think about that idea and not come up with something profoundly human for all of us concerned about a better world. He also described Dr. King’s CIVIC VISION, another term that depicts a collective viewpoint on how we should look at each other when thinking about policy and representation for our mutual best interest. He described a man that had the kind of FAITH IN US, where there could be an African-American president of the United States. This came to pass because Dr. King was right and we need to remember when thinking about our choices in the upcoming election that all children can envision a life that includes the presidency.

We dropped the ball in 2010 and took the Congress away from him, which created an even more complex problem for him to deal with. Then the economic environment that he was elected to deal with took away his ability to be effective on many levels. He still has been able to maintain a dignity and a sense of purpose that’s created some positive options for us and that has saved us from an economic collapse and begun to provide a foundation for a better future. I will be writing to you and encouraging you to continue to support Barack Obama, to listen to him, and to disseminate his ideas for a more formitable and all-inclusive society. My mentor and California Berkeley professor Harry Edwards gave an interesting and uplifting Obama support speech in the Silicon Valley. I would like to provide you with a youtube link so you can listen to it and get back to me on your opinions of his straightforward, intellectual endorsement of the president:

I love you and I believe you will make the right decision and give your support to the President.